Pizza and other fun stuff

Pizza, yes, Pizza As most of you know, I love food. Since it’s Sunday and no pressing matters are tearing away at my sensitive brain-tissue, I’ll just write a bit about food. As you have probably noticed as well, I did alter that pizza-image to the left, mainly because the pizza was on some kind of cardboard, which quite frankly doesn’t look too good on a website. And in the course of tinkering with that picture I finally figured out the intelligent scissors in the GIMP. Which is a great open source alternative to that excessively expensive Photoshop. And for someone like me, whose graphical talent resides somewhere between…uh, somewhere, but not in my hands, a solid tool like GIMP(GNU Image Manipulation Program) which is free is a lot better than a state of the art tool which is not free. Which leads me to the fact again, that people should start using open source solution more. A lot more. I honestly think that the world would become a much better place if that happened. And no, I don’t think open source tools have to be free. I wouldn’t mind donating for software in general, and I think if it became some sort of common practice to donate money for software you’re convinced of, software would actually be much better than it is today.
Alright, that wasn’t exactly a lot of food talk, but who cares. That’s my blog, right?