I just found out that three books I thought I’d have to return to the specialty library in a week, will not be due until the 8th of January. Which really kind of made my day.

I know, getting all excited about a bunch of books that are not even mine seems a tad unusal, but you need to understand my situation. I keep renting books for my thesis, and before I know it (ha!), let alone have read, understood and excerpted the book, it’s due again. And with these certain libraries, the ones that hold the books that are really interesting to me (and no, I’m of course not referring to these notorious “adult bookshops”), it’s really a bit of a pain. You can’t rent for longer than 28 days, and after returning a book, you need to wait for another three days before being able to rent them again.

This is especially tedious when you’re like me, who can’t just rent one book, but at least 3 or 4. I know, my own fault, but I just can’t help it. And well, usually it ends like this: 4 books taken out, 2 books half read, no excerpts, no gain. But pain! Because I need to return them, then rent them again.

I guess you will now understand my utter joy upon discovering that the advent of the holidays has given me an extra three weeks with my precious books.