Saturday I went and saw Oceansize.

The thing that made it extra-special: I got to interview lead-singer Mike Vennart. You can read the outcome in due time here. The whole thing was really very pleasant, conducted in the rather cramped, but cozy dressing room. My biggest mistake: I forgot to take a photo. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I forgot about it. Oh well, means you won’t get a picture today. By the way, I was the only face-to-face interviewer that night, with only two other phone-interviews. Shame on you, Austrian music-journalists, for not using that chance.

The concert itself was spectacular. Most songs were off their latest album (go figure), and the rest was a smattering of first and second LP songs.

Absolute highlight of the show: The second encore, “Ornament/The Last Wrong”. After listening to the song in the security of your home, you wouldn’t think how powerful it could come across when blasted through the Flex sound system.

As always after a concert, my ears were ringing throughout the night, and I totally thank the guys from Oceansize for it.