New Year - happy

Well, end of year.
Here’s my plan for tonight. We’ll have a party, which will be a nice little affair with some chili con carne, a few bottles of beer and the best thing, we have some charity scheme lined up. My sisters have prepared a raffle with all kinds of interesting prizes to win, where all the money earned will go to a charity for the victims of the tsunami in you-know-where. And now that I’ve mentioned it, here’s but one thing I’d like to say about it:
I think it’s admirable how many people feel with the victims and it’s unbelievable how quickly 500 Million Dollars were shelled out for relief. But there are other places in the world where people are living under the poorest of conditions, die of starvation or get murdered for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. These things happen all year through, and most of the time, they warrant a five line notice in your local newspaper or less. So maybe, next time you hear of another 100.000 people fleeing from murderous hordes of rebels, or another 2000 people dehydrating somewhere in a place most people can’t even pronounce the name of, think of the hundreds of charities doing work there and shell out a few more bucks without the incentive of hundreds of journalists and home-video tapers delivering footage straight to your living room.