Back in Vienna

Well, we’re back in Vienna. The holidays were wonderful and relaxing, so now I’ve got new energy to take on a few tasks I’ve let linger for the last few weeks. One of which is a paper on code-switching in medieval and early modern English. Go figure.

If you’re a dilligent reader of my blog, you may remember the wonderful new RAM modules I’ve bought, which I expected to be here once I returned from The Family. As it happens so often, I was wrong, and the only thing waiting for me was a spam snail mail (!) letter from some company trying to make me transfer my domain name to their service…for considerably more money than I pay now. So, what happened to my modules? Nobody knows. I’ve inquired with the sender, and they were sent ages ago. I tracked the parcel (sent from Great Britain), and Royal Mail says it’s been delivered to the overseas postal service. I inquired with the Austrian postal service, and they couldn’t find it anywhere. So obviously, it hasn’t crossed the Austrian border yet. My dear little modules, paid for with money I’ve been saving by not smoking my beloved Gauloises, are somewhere between the UK and Austria waiting to be delivered to their finaly destination, which is MY DAMN COMPUTER.

Ahh well, screw them all.