Verschollen - axed

The awful Austrian National TV and German RTL group joint production “Verschollen” (translatable to something like Cast Away) has finally been axed. The funny thing is, there were still trailers shown only yesterday for the episode scheduled to be aired, and the online tv guide was still not updated, even as CSI Miami, scheduled to run after “Verschollen” was already running in “Verschollen”‘s spot. Well, what could have been the reason? One would be that it was UTTER CRAP. The other may be that it reminded people of the tsunami catastrophe in Asia, so they had qualms to air it. Whatever reason it may have been – good riddance. May we never have to lay eyes again on the cardboard props and the green screen backgrounds of that abomination of a TV show.

Update: Obviously, I got my hopes up too high…if I hadn’t fallen asleep yesterday in front of the TV, I’d have noticed that they actually aired that crap…two slots after its designated time…oh well, that’s almost like getting axed, so in a way, I was right.