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Neal Stephenson and IKEA

I just read parts of acclaimed novelist Neal Stephenson’s website, and stumbled upon his mentioning of his novel Zodiac. That’s what he says:

Zodiac: the eco-thriller is somewhat more mature but still quite obviously the work of a young man with a lot of spare time on his hands.

Now, I haven’t read this novel yet, at the moment I’m deep inside Cryptonomicon, hesitant to finish it because I want it to last, so I can’t say anything about it really. But when reading Stephenson’s comment, I remembered seeing multiple volumes of this book stacked in book-shelves inside the IKEA showrooms in Vienna. It is probably important to note that they were the translated Swedish version. So that’s the question of the day: Why Zodiac? Because Swedes don’t care for Neal Stephenson? Because IKEA likes Neal Stephenson and wanted to boost sales for his books? Or because Zodiac is commonly called an eco-thriller, and IKEA wants to convey they care for the environment? Or was it simply a design question which led the showroom designers to pick that book? In case anyone has an answer to that question, please feel free to post it in my comments.

Neal Stephenson and IKEA
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