Moving Views from the Window

While usually I only post the static image, generally known as “the picture”, today I’ll try something different. And this is why:

Today, as I entered the abode after a healthy afternoon snack and was about to open the windows to let the accumulated heat out, I had to realize that I couldn’t. Or rather, shouldn’t. For somehow in between me entering the building and opening the apartment door, a storm of mighty proportions had come up. Opening our windows would have ripped them straight from my hand and thrown them either on my head or onto the street a good 20 meters down (or both, actually). So the only option I saw was to shoot a little video to document the madness and then close the windows until the storm had passed.

The storm has still not passed, it has actually teamed up with some heavy rain. Meaning that the heat is still accumulating, turning our lovely little apartment into a terrible little furnace. But hey, I’ve still got the video of the raging storm when it was still just a tad angry. Enjoy!