London coverage once again

It’s a Saturday, I’m studying for an exam on Wednesday, and I guess that’s an unbeatable prerequisite for another installment of my popular yet underrated London coverage. To supplement this splendid little update, I’ll provide you with yet another photo I took. Here it is:

For those of you in the know, this may look familiar. For those of you who are not, this, Ladies and Gentleman, is Portobello Market. Actually, it’s a picture of a slightly angry looking man, with a few coloured houses in the background. It dawned on me when we were already half-way through the market, that I had neglected my duty of recording every single step we were taking in London (to be precise, nothing dawned on me, I was rather made aware of it by my two lovely companions). Once I had my camera out, I felt like the masses moving towards my direction were going to trample me if I didn’t hurry up, so there wasn’t much time to actually find a nice motive. That’s why Portobello market will always be remembered by me as a few coloured houses with angry men. Alright, it won’t. It will in fact be remembered as a really large market which is set in a really narrow street.

I still liked it though.