Google Pages

Well, just in time with Microsoft’s announcement to remove their crappy web-editing tool “Frontpage” from upcoming Office releases , Google launches their own, ultra-smooth web-editing tool, Google Pages. But wait, it’s not just online editing, it’s actually a web-page suite. It’s got a page manager, loads of templates to choose from, you can upload pictures and files. And the best thing? It’s all done in AJAX, of course.

With this tool, it’s really a five minute thing to have a quick website up. When you save pages you’ve created, they automatically create a subdomain to for you (www.googlepages redirects to Now if that isn’t smooth, what is?

If you’ve ever wanted to have a small web-page, but were afraid of all it takes to get it up, then this quite probably is the tool for you (if you like to customize your templates with, say, your own banner, and like to create your web-pages in a text editor, then, of course, it’s not for you).

I don’t know yet if they’ll put any ads on the pages, but I’m pretty sure they will. I’ll check with the FAQ.

Now, if only they could pull out of China again, everything could be the way it used to be (between the two of us).