Getting out

After reading an article on the effects incessant checking of mails has on people’s IQ (about 10 points deducted), I decided I needed to get out. I packed the stuff I had to read for university, some coins for a coffee-to-go and off I went. I noticed that reading that stuff in the park is in fact much more relaxing than reading it in front of my computer. Not necessarily less distracting, but I guess there’s always something able to distract me. As a service to the ever-growing community that has built around this site, I’ve decided to upload a few pictures and display them via a freshly installed gallery plugin (which is really quite fantastic and can be found here) I actually switched to yet another one, it’s called Zenphoto and can be found here.
To all the people with dial-up connections: this is for you. Click the little picture to open up that gallery of wonders.