From Slobness to Greatness

I’m a slob. I admit that much. I’ve been living in Vienna for four years, and it took me that long to become a member of the Vienna Public Library, which is really quite excellent. Until today, I didn’t have a clue that only two blocks away, there’s a branch of that library. So, why did I go and become a member today, you may ask. That’s why:
As every day, I was browsing my feeds, and stumbled upon this posting about someone who had bought a CD and become enraged by the FBI warning printed onto the booklet and the disc itself. In the comments to that posting, someone mentioned that he had started the habit of renting CDs and DVDs from the public library and then burning them at home. So I decided to check out the online-database of the Vienna Public Library (just out of curiosity, I swear). When telling my girlfriend about the abundance of CDs and DVDs they have to offer, she made me look up a book she needed for university, and alas, that very book was available, in the branch just two blocks away. Since I should have actually been writing a paper, I happily agreed to go there and become a member. So here I am. From a simple posting about FBI warnings to a member of the Vienna Public Library, all within one and a half hours.