EOY posting

Well, every site and their pure HTML grandma has published best-of, worst-of, biggest-of, whatnot-of lists of 2005, conveying what I’ve been fearing for the last few weeks, but which will become gruesome reality in but a few hours: that indeed 2005 is nearing its completion. Well, congrats to you, 2005.

Many people also tend to think up new year’s resolutions, something I’ve never tried nor stooped down to. This year too, I won’t make any resolutions. You see, two of the top-ten resolutions, namely to stop smoking and pick up exercising, are already checked. I did that during the year. DURING THE YEAR! And it worked too. (By the way, in case you’re doubting my competence concerning new year’s resolutions, please be my guest and go to this very website, which will show you that I’ve indeed put quite a research effort into this final posting of the year.)

So, to all the people who think it’s really necessary to dream up a new year’s resolution, please think twice. And yes, you may send congratulation and awe emails to gib[at]stormgrass.com.

Have a great new year.