Diigo - the annotating heaven

It’s the new year, and I’ll introduce it by introducing another great bookmarking service I’ve been made aware of lately. The pretty thing is called Diigo, and despite it’s rather clunky naming, I’ve fallen in love with it already. See, it’s actually much more than mere bookmarking. It’s an annotation service, which, if done properly and by many people, could be the single most interesting service to have emerged during the last few months.

Apart from these features, it’s packed with functionality, most importantly a whole toolbar. Among other things, it gives the option of letting you simultaneously bookmark and tag in Del.icio.us as well as on Diigo, something I think is vital to many people, considering that people just don’t want to give up Del.icio.us at this point in time. But the most intriguing thing is the annotating part. It’s really quite intuitively implemented, complete with the option to make private or public comments, or the highlighting of whatever parts of a bookmarked webpage.

It’s just a real social bookmarking powerhouse, and I’d love it if more and more people started using it, because it would really add to a surfing experience if you’d be able to quickly see what other people have written about a respective site, simply by clicking the Diigo toolbar.

It’s in invite-only beta right now (hey, we’re still in the web 2.0 era, what’d you expect?), but you can send an email and request an invite, and if it’s anything like my experience, you’ll have that invite a few hours later. And if you’re really desperate, leave a comment and I’ll give you one of the 19 I’ve got left.