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May 31, 2007

The Offline Paradoxon

It’s usually not such a great thing when a website you use daily goes offline. Well, this time it’s perfect. Because, you see, it’s just semantics. Google Reader, as of

Apr 24, 2007

On distractions

The more avid readers of this website may have noticed a scandalous lack of postings lately. And if there were postings, they were uninspired regurgitations of images, links or, well, nothing much at

Oct 2, 2006

Bloglines updated too

Bloglines, the online feed reader, actually updated their service the same day the new Google Reader was released. The change is rather minuscule, as it only affects the left pane. They’ve added

Oct 8, 2005

Google Reader

Knowing that Google usually is really interested in what I have to say about their products, I’ve decided to chime in on the bashing of Google’s newest product, Google Reader. It