Easter recap

Well, Easter is over, and my body is now nearing the shape of a barrel. So what. It’s time for me to make some regular updates now; I gathered that from the fact that the only people commenting my entries right now all have the name “phentermine” and somehow think I’m in need of consolidation advice. Well, they’re right, but that’s no way to approach the subject, so please quit it.

I’ve prepared a few photos from the easter orgy, and due to the fact that some people may still access this site via dial-up, I’ll show them after the jump (which is cool Internet lingo and means, please click that one link saying you should click it if you want to read on).

the traditional soup
So here’s that traditional soup I wrote about.

the traditional meat
And that’s the traditional meat…

the traditional table
And for good measure, here’s part of the breakfast table. In case you forgot, it’s a tradition.