East Rodeo interrupted

Well, yesterday was Culture Saturday. First we went to see a play, then we witnessed a great performance by a band called East Rodeo, featuring none other than Imre LB. It’s mostly instrumental, lazed with flavours of jazz, rock and Balkan influences, and on their website they aptly name their style “psycho balkan”. I agree, but it’s psycho in a very good way. I especially liked the percussionist’s performance. I’m always fond of drummers who plow through their set like a workhorse.

The downside of the performance was that it all took place in a club which must have either extremely bad or extremely ignorant management. Whatever it is, fact is they booked another event into the same room at midnight, meaning that the band was forced to quit playing approximately 45 minutes after starting. Which of course resulted in everyone involved being pissed off, a sentiment totally out of place at the end of this great performance.