Christmas time is a-coming

It’s drawing near. Inevitable and unstoppable. The “happiest” time of the year. The interesting thing is that only today I read about surveys which have shown that most people fight more during the Christmas time, and are happy when they’re over and they can retreat to their respective dwellings again, with the assurance not to be subjected to family gatherings for another year. Well, good luck to these people.
And for those of you who are into snow-white Christmas and all that jazz, I’ve captured what I see when I take a look out of the window:

The Roof
Snow, snow, snow…it’s all so snowy white. Uhh, yes. It snowed today. Next:

Roof again
So these are the plants. I know, it looks as if I don’t give a damn about those plants, but actually, there’s a whole lot of reasoning behind not tending to those plants all the time. It’s my masterplan, and it’s secret, like any other masterplan. Except for James Bond movies, where they are happily explained to Bond because the villain thinks he’ll kick the bucket anyways…since I know that the probability that every single reader of this entry is going to kick the bucket today is rather slim, I won’t tell you my plant-masterplan. I’m not a stupid arch-villain.

Finally, here’s a picture of a board of styrofoam, which somehow ended up next to the window:

It makes funny noises when it’s hit by the harsh winter wind. I don’t think I have the energy to remove it. I’ll just wait for it to disappear one day. I’ve always liked that strategy.