Café Mocca - perfect ham and eggs

There are times for caviar and there are times for, well, ham and eggs. Accordingly, there are places that serve caviar and there are places that serve ham and eggs.

Now, Café Mocca, a most charming little café situated inside a trainstation in Vienna’s 18th district definitely doesn’t serve caviar. Why? Mainly because caviar is something for pretentious morons with more money than sense, and Café Mocca simply doesn’t cater to that kind of audience.

What they do serve, apart from various breakfasts and a selection of soups, salads and sandwiches, are ham and eggs. And they do it in style.

The egg’s always perfectly cooked, so the first cut will release delicious yolk, which can then be scooped up with pieces of a roll that’s crisp on the outside and most fluffy on the inside. The ham? Well, it’s warm, slightly grilled ham. Basically, if the ham isn’t of questionable quality to begin with, there’s not a whole lot you can do wrong there. And they don’t.

The whole thing is topped off with generously sprinkled chive.

It is, to be frank, a perfect serving of ham and eggs. So go there, have some of it, but don’t do it on Sunday noons, because that’s when I’m going and I WILL GET MOST ANNOYED WHEN YOU’RE BLOCKING MY TABLE. Just saying.