Breaking News - Google steals screenshot!

So apparently the seemingly endless flow of interesting new start-ups has finally run dry. Or why else would the good people at TechCrunch get all excited over an IE7 screenshot on the Google website, apparently nicked from a similar promotional message on Yahoo’s website?

From the original post at TechCrunch:

The page layout and content for the two sites is nearly identical, although this may be a simple cut and paste from recommended Microsoft promotional information What’s more interesting is that the screen shots in both images showing IE7 are also identical. The Yahoo version clearly displays the Yahoo toolbar with a large red Y! in the left corner. The Google shot contains the same image, with the red Y! somewhat blurred out. The Google screen shot shows IE7 with the Yahoo toolbar. Screen shots and an enlargement of the Google blurred Y! are below.

Well, if that isn’t something! A nicked screenshot! Not even replaced the toolbar with their own! How dare they! Call the campus police! And yes, I could add even more short phrases with exclamation points!

Fortunately, Google never sleeps, and as Arrington now proudly proclaims, only six hours after the “story” broke, there’s a new screenshot:

Six hours later, Google has replaced the site in question with an entirely new one. This one thankfully shows the Google Toolbar prominently installed.

Oh thank you dear God, for thou hast replaced the cosmic order!

Seriously, when people start discussing stock prices and firings over a misplaced screenshot, what’s next? Board meetings because of jagged fonts? Oh wait, I could see that happening. Nevermind.