Allofmp3 and XRost - do come back!

My love affair with mp3 provider Allofmp3 lasted only a mere four months. It has now come to an abrupt ending, and for a reason you don’t usually find in a relationship:

They also added they are “working hard to resume the service”. Being stationed in Russia, this could either mean their servers are broken or their servers have been confiscated by the police, simply because they feel like it. Let’s hope for the former.

Payment has been a sore issue with the company for a while now, not least because XRost, a company that provides paysafe cards and works with paypal, has been defunct now for longer than two months. For people who don’t want to hand out their credit card number to either a company with void SSL licenses or one that simply doesn’t validate credit cards, XRost was the perfect solution.
The message in XRost’s payment area is as non-committing as the one on the Allofmp3 payment site.

I do hope that both companies will soon resume business. It’s awfully silent here without them.