Flickr redesign

Along with Yahoo’s new design, Flickr has been getting a major overhaul as well.
What I like best? The new organizr:
flickr organizr
It’s not as bulky as the old one, and it looks much better too.

There are many more improvements, including new ways of searching and sorting. Your photostream finally has two columns of photos, thus displaying 18 photos instead of 10 up there:
flickr photostream
I never really understood why they had the one column look on the first page. Well, I’m glad it’s gone.

I’m happy the people at Flickr show that they still care about what’s to become of the service, even though they could easily let it rot and spend the rest of their days in little bamboo huts slurping cocktails served by scantily clad women (or men, respectively).

By the way, instead of Flickr Beta, they now call it Flickr Gamma, showing off not only their mad Greek alphabet skillz, but also their sense of humour.