According to a new Gallup poll, 92% of all Americans believe in God. The Atlantic tries to turn this into a west/east thing by headlining “East Coast Americans Least Likely to Believe in God”. What’s that low number, you may ask? 86%.

Gallup notes that in particular, the belief in God is high across all subgroups of the population, but there are variances. Women are more likely to believe in god than men. Liberals are less likely to believe than conservatives. Young people are the least likely to believe. Those with a post-graduate education are less likely to believe than high school or college graduates. Finally, East Coast Americans are the least likely to believe in god, and Southerners are the most, with the West and the Midwest coming in equally in between.

All the above quoted distributions are a no-brainer, but the actual numbers are still mind-boggling. 92%!