Xoopit - for when you receive a shitload of media

As you may have gathered from my rather telling title, Xoopit is a plugin that helps you manage all the media you receive or send by email.
So what exactly does Xoopit do? It lets you install an add-on for Firefox, and once you’ve installed the addon (and given them your GMail credentials), they start scanning your inbox contents. When they are all done scanning, they display little links to your images, videos and files, allowing you to open up pages filled with pretty thumbnails of your media, including a nice search option.

But, and this is for all the skeptics who say that it’s actually a lot easier to just search for whatever you’ve got in your inbox by using the powerful built-in Google search, this is not it! Because Xoopit not only displays the images and videos currently residing in your inbox, but also takes all the links to images and videos and creates thumbnails of those.

Which means that you won’t have to sift through scores of links to find that one image of a cute little kitten dressed up as Yoda, because Xoopit has already created a thumbnail for it and you can simply click it. Phew!

For the visually inclined, a screenshot of a GMail inbox with collected images displayed:
Xoopit Inbox

Right now Xoopit is available in private beta only. Which means you probably won’t get in and will have to rely on my judgment. Which is exactly the way I like it!