Pink Bike Stencil

Yes, it’s a photo of a pink bike stencil. And it’s being sold in scores all over the world RIGHT NOW! Liz-Books, a publishing company in France that creates all sorts of coffee-table photo-books centered around various themes wanted to include this picture in their book Pink Attitude, and being the gracious person I am, I let them.

So if you want to own a piece of a real Richard-photography-publishing, go and buy the book (you are, I assume, already in possession of real Richard-writing publishing, right?). The picture is, I think, on page 325.

(The above link to the book is for If you are not living in the US of A or need the book to be shipped to the Old World for whatever reasons {including birthday presents to family living abroad, which this book would be ideal for!} use Amazon France for ordering. Bonne chance!)