Work diary - BREAK!!

Well, I’m now officially on summer break. After only two weeks, or ten days, of hard labour at the office, I’m taking my well deserved time-out. The bad thing is, there’s a paper waiting for me to be completed until Wednesday, and I need to study for all kinds of other things. And another downside to my otherwise perfect two weeks of vacation is, that my girlfriend won’t be here for half of that time. So that makes the perfect vacation not that perfect. In fact, it’s a spoiler. I’m really looking forward to a real vacation with her, and if it only be a weekend in London. Well, maybe we’ll be able to do that soon. If we find a place to stay. And I’m thinking of someone particular here.

By the way, my site was added to that blogdirectory. Be sure to go there and generate some traffic for my blog. Or just go there. Or stay here. Or simply turn off your computer and enjoy the absence of my inane babble.

Have a nice day