Wibald's curse

I’ve been trying for the last half hour to print out the article on Wibald of Stablo/Corvey from the online version of the International Encyclopaedia for the Middle Ages. Somehow Firefox suddenly goes bonkers when using the Encyclopedia. I’ve printed out and read dozens of articles from that resource in FF before, and it never posed a problem, but suddenly it does.

I tried it in Opera, and it seemed to work beautifully. Until I clicked on the link to the article on Wibald, that is. It then just crashed.

Now, Wibald, if you’re such a secretive guy and don’t like people reading information on you, you’re too late anyway. I found information on you inside the “Verfasserlexikon” already. You know, that reference book on all you medieval scribes. So, I know that you were basically about letters only, and that most of the business letters you wrote are of no real merit to us historians. No need trying to keep that from me.

So please, I’m now going to attempt to print out that article using Konqueror. Please let me, will ya? I need to get this presentation on you done!