Who owns the fish?

Well, it’s already all over the web, but I’ll just have to post it again. If you’re a fan of riddles, check it out: Who owns the fish?

Purportedly it was devised by Einstein, who claimed that only 2% of the populace are able to solve it. Well, that’s still a large number, so I’m not that proud I was able to.

Update: I just talked to my girlfriend on the phone, and she was able to solve it as well. Now, usually I’d be freaked out by the coincidence that we’re both members of a 2% minority, but when I thought about it for a second I realized that by living in a prosperous country, being able to go to university and blessed with the ability to read and write, we’re quite probably part of a 2% minority by default. So if Einstein really said that about the 2%, it was merely a subtle reminder that we’re really fucking well off.