Idealistic value

Horst from The Aardvark Speaks forgot his notebook in a café somewhere in France. He postponed his departure in an effort to get it back (which he did). The catch: the notebook is in fact an old-school notebook, not a computer. But since it’s filled with numerous ideas for his blog, it’s got an extreme non-materialistic value (which some people would refer to as “idealistic value”, but until now I couldn’t think of the word – I inserted the headline after writing the post).

I do understand that he went back there and got it. I myself have a little notebook into which I once in a while scribble something legible only to me. Unfortunately, I don’t do that too often, or to be even more honest, I rarely ever do it. It just sits there in my bag, sometimes not being used for weeks. I wish I’d use it more often, because if I did, there wouldn’t be any need for me to hog onto other people’s blog posts the way I did just now.