What's in a day?

Here’s a little quiz for you: If you are supposed to work on a presentation due on Friday, is it a good idea to go out on a Wednesday morning and buy a USB 2.0 card, a network card, exchange your old USB modem for a brand new Ethernet modem, build all that shit into your computer, and try to set up the new modem as a router in order to have a little home network connecting a Windows and Linux machine while giving them both access to the Internet?

Well, just in case you’re one who wouldn’t recognize a rhetoric question if it jumped in your face, the answer is of course NO! It took me ages to figure out why my Linux machine wouldn’t connect to the Internet, so although I’ve now set everything up, I haven’t written a single word for my presentation, leaving all that for tomorrow.

Ah, how I love the way technology enhances our lives!

PS: I still haven’t figured out how the hell I’m going to handle printer access. Anyone?