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Oscar Nominations

The Oscar nominations are out and I’m utterly underwhelmed. Here’s a link, these are the nominees for best picture: The Artist The Descendants Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close The Help Hugo Midnight in Paris Moneyball The Tree of Life War Horse I can’t believe they’ve actually

Tree of Life - a review

When a few months back I first saw the trailer for Tree of Life, I thought something along the lines of: “If that film is only half as good as the trailer, it must be fucking fantastic!”. If my life was a screenplay, you could file that as foreshadowing in

The Tree of Life Salon review

I’ve written about The Tree of Life just days ago, but that won’t stop me from linking to this review by Salon’s Andrew O’Hehir: Right now I suspect that “The Tree of Life” is pretty much nuts overall, a manic hybrid folly with flashes of brilliance.

Tree of Life

I’ve been watching that trailer again and again during the last few months since it appeared online, and frankly, if the film is only half as good as that trailer, it’ll be fantastic: Salon has a short piece up on the director Terrence Malick: Terrence Malick has been