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Dec 10, 2015

The demise of the add-on service

The demise of the add-on service

A few days ago users of Mailbox and Carousel, two very different services, saw e-mails in their inbox telling them about the impending sunsetting of said services. Mailbox was a rather innovative approach

Nov 25, 2015

A rebuilt

A rebuilt

I’m a big fan of self-hosted software, testament to which is a project called Self-hosted web I started a few years ago. Admittedly, I haven’t reviewed a whole lot of new

Sep 8, 2015

Some thoughts on the Internet

Some thoughts on the Internet

It’s been more than three years since I last published anything about technology (it was a post where I expressed my distaste for Instagram on Android, a notion that persists to this

Oct 8, 2007

Recurring fears

Oh why is it that I’m always afraid of upgrading my WordPress version? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s because it always ends in something that’ll take me about three

Sep 28, 2007

Barcamp once again

And tomorrow’s time for Barcamp once again. Last time Daniel and I presented our baby, got lots of constructive feedback and engaged in more than one fruitful discussion. This time

Jun 6, 2007


On June 10th, it’s time for BarCamp. As an “unconference”, it sounds like it’s going to be quite the bit of fun. I’ll be attending, as will my partner in

Mar 15, 2007

So I was afraid of upgrading...

…but I didn’t think it would turn out to be that bad. (Public service announcement: This entry is rather technical in nature, and may not be suitable for people who are not

Sep 7, 2006

NC Pt.VII - The Cemetery

The American Cemetery near Omaha Beach is quite impressive. It’s a vast area, and every single piece of grass looks like it’s been manually trimmed. When we visited, the weather was

Jul 7, 2006


What can I say? I’m one happy pup. Next steps: Wipe off Windows Install Kubuntu Remain in deep and everlasting gratitude to my wonderful sister who made this beast possible.

May 19, 2006

One becomes Two

In an attempt to abuse my massive readerbase to aid me in my sinister plans for world domination, I’ve taken the next logical step: I split my blog in two. For all

Apr 27, 2006

Fluxiom and

I’ve been wanting to write a little bit about Fluxiom, Vienna based file storage and sharing app for a few days now. I was always too busy, and now Michael Arrington from

Jan 3, 2006

Wordpress update

I just updated to WordPress 2.0 and the newest revision of K2. As always there was a bit of CSS editing involved, all in all it wasn’t that bad. Of course