the excitement of boredom

Wordpress update

I just updated to WordPress 2.0 and the newest revision of K2. As always there was a bit of CSS editing involved, all in all it wasn’t that bad. Of course there are still things that make me cringe, but that’s not WordPress’ fault, but rather my

On digital cameras

Well, here’s some sound advice, worthy of at least a mention in Lifehacker, maybe even a whole series featuring me elaborating on my advice: If you ever own a digital camera, make the fuck sure the internal date is correctly set. Otherwise, once you’ve decided that it’s


Sometime last week, Microsoft presented It’s basically their try to latch onto what they perceive as the whole Web 2.0 movement. Until a few days ago, there was no Firefox support, so I couldn’t properly test it. Yesterday I noticed that the little text saying

What's in a name?

When I checked my website stats yesterday, I stumbled upon this gem of network nomenclature: I had to resize the image, otherwise it wouldn’t have fit on this very page. Click to see it full-sized and unblurred.

What's in a day?

Here’s a little quiz for you: If you are supposed to work on a presentation due on Friday, is it a good idea to go out on a Wednesday morning and buy a USB 2.0 card, a network card, exchange your old USB modem for a brand new

Google Base

Google apparently launched a quick test of a new service called Google Base (which at the time of writing is down). From what I gathered, it’s supposed to be some kind of database service. If you’re as confused as I was when I read it, check out the

Google Reader

Knowing that Google usually is really interested in what I have to say about their products, I’ve decided to chime in on the bashing of Google’s newest product, Google Reader. It sucks. It really does. What the hell were they thinking? How can anyone release something like this,

Google Talk

Ooooweee, a Google IM client. Who needs yet another one? The blurb doesn’t offer anything new or exciting, except for GMail contacts integration. And as always, Windows only. I’ll still check it out though. Update: Just read that it’s in fact possible to use the Google Talk

Linknotes for Wordpress

I was made aware of a new WordPress plugin called Linknotes, over at fernando_graphicos’ site today. It’s an interesting concept of links as footnotes, and although I’m not sure how important/useful footnotes are in a hypertext document, I thought I’d try it out. Well, actually

Software patents - No!

I just remembered that yesterday the European parliament had to decide on the fate of a directive regarding the patentability of software, and by checking the appropriate website, I read that once again the directive has been axed. I’m really happy about that, since I was already pondering what

Google Earth launched

Google Earth, basically a mapping program with lots of cool features, has been launched. It’s free, and you can download it here. But beware, it’s Windows only. So that’s where the fun ends for me. And all other Linux and Mac users. Cheap bastards.