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May 14, 2007

On projects

Well, so we didn’t win the 2007 Lulu Blooker Prize with the Messages from the Lost Continent. It still was great to be shortlisted. Congratulations to the winners. On another note, I’

Mar 17, 2007

The Brothers Lionheart

When we were young, my parents always made sure we had enough books to read. One of the most read authors back then was Astrid Lindgren, whose books always were a lot more

Mar 12, 2007

Oh Rejoice!

Fantastic news just won’t quit: Messages from the Lost Continent, the book I helped write under the guidance of the ingenious speaking aardvark Horst has been shortlisted for the 2007 Blooker Price

Feb 15, 2007

Introducing the Book

Found this on the Thingology weblog. Hilarious! Update: So this one is gone. But fear not, for I have found it on MySpace video as well.

Jan 27, 2007

The Torch online

Ever since reading Elias Canetti’s wonderful autobiography “The Torch in my Ear”, I’d wanted to get my hands on an edition of Karl Kraus’s self-published paper “Die Fackel” (The Torch)

Jul 17, 2006

Vonnegut's Creative Writing 101

I stumbled upon this in the preface to Kurt Vonnegut’s collection of short stories named “Bagombo Snuff Box”. I think they’re fantastic: Use the time of a total stranger in such

Jun 8, 2006

LibraryThing mobile

Well, since everyone and their Grandma are pushing towards content on mobile phones, it doesn’t exactly come as a surprise that LibraryThing, everybody’s favourite online library and cataloguing service, can now

Apr 25, 2006

On books on trains

On the trainride to and fro Graz I noticed, as always on trains, quite a bit about the reading patterns of some people. There was this one girl on the ride to Graz,

Apr 12, 2006

LibraryThing in realtime

Check out this page where you can see the books being added to LibraryThing, greatest online library service on the web (where else, right?), in realtime. As Tim Spalding puts it in his

Mar 27, 2006

Lem dead

The namesake of my late alter ego and overall best science-fiction author of his time, Stanislaw Lem, died today at the age of 85. Which is sad, but I’m not really good