Tabblo - Online Photobooks

While there are a number of photo-sharing websites out there, most notably Flickr, there has apparently been a dire need for a service that lets you create static photobooks with all sorts of text.

Massachusetts based Tabblo has decided to fill that scandalous void.

I had a look at the service.

The first pleasant surprise was their integration with Flickr, which means you don’t actually have to upload any photos yourself, because they’ll simply copy all of your Flickr ones over to Tabblo.

Importing takes a while, but I took the service for a spin with a few already imported photos.

The organizer is quite basic, but it works nicely with drag and drop:

So I dragged and dropped a few pictures and off I went to selecting a layout:

tabblo layouts

It’s really quite versatile, because it has layouts that are more suitable for a big bunch of pictures as well as for just a few.

Finally I went on to edit the text for the final tabblo. There’s a floating sidebar which holds all sorts of valuable tools, but it kept getting on my nerves by jumping up and down when trying to use the scrollbar:

tabblo edit

I managed to tame the sidebar beast, and created my first tabblo. Click here to look at it.

In the end, Tabblo is quite a well-done app, and while it’s not exactly as revolutionary as they made it out to be in their initial press-release, I can see it is a nice little tool for people who just need a quick and easy way to showcase their stuff.