Quicklinks 01/30/2008

MOLI – One Account Manages Multiple Profiles

tags: moli, socialnetworking, stormtech

Multiple social-network profiles. For enthusiasts.


tags: facebook, jaiku, microblogging, pownce, stormtech, tumblr, twitter

Simultaneous messaging to Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, Facebook, Tumblr, Meemi and some other microblogging services. Very helpful for those who just can’t decide on just one service.


tags: links, reading, stormtech

Wanna read stuff later? Easy with Instapaper.


tags: controlc, copy, [ctrl c](http://www.diigo.com/user/gibarian/"ctrl c"), online, paste, stormtech

Copy and Paste your stuff locally and online. Windows and (beta) Mac software only. Unfortunately.