Please check HDD

Dear Jukebox,

First off, I’m really glad we’re together. I’m also glad I never listened to all those nay-sayers who said you’re just a clunky, less shiny iPod rip-off. Well, you may be, but that’s not the point.

When today you slipped out of my jacket pocket while I was tying my shoes, I thought you’d react as always when stuff like that happens. Usually you don’t care. Sometimes you pretend to, and make me restart you, but that’s about it. Today was different:

Please check HDD

That was the only message you gave me, and even as I restarted you and pushed all sorts of buttons, you still didn’t want to give in. So I had to spend my day without you. Suddenly I had to listen again to all those people on the tram talking into their mobile phones, all the inane chatter that goes on all around me all the time. It was not nice without you.

Sometime today I suddenly surrendered to the idea that our relationship was over. And I was a bit disappointed, considering that we’d only been together a mere ten months. Sure, I hadn’t treated you well all the time. Sometimes I checked out other players. But come on, that’s natural. It was still you I took with me everyday, everywhere I went, right?

Now, the good thing is that I know a few things about gadgets like you. See, you need attention. Apparently I forgot to give you enough of that lately, and dropping you surely wasn’t the sort of attention you had expected. So, before actually throwing you out, I just did what you told me to. I checked your HDD. Good thing you’re so much more flexible than that shiny iPod thing, enabling me to remove your battery and prod a bit about in your innards. And I guess that’s all you needed today. When I saw you booting up again, presenting me with all you’ve got in store for me, I was overjoyed.

I’m just so glad we’re good again. And I promise, no more dropping!