Paper finally finished

Well, I’m done. And as always, after writing a paper within three days or less, I vowe to never again wait so long. Hell, from my experience I’m already waiting for the paper to be returned, because I didn’t use enough sources. Or didn’t indent my pragraphs the way they’re supposed to be indented. Or simply because it doesn’t have any substance at all, because every chapter is nothing else than a summary of another person’s study. But isn’t that what these seminar papers are about? To look at other people’s writings, quote as much as possible and hope to get it over with? Ach, I hate handing in papers. And I hate not being a diligent student. Which leads me to 43 things. I heard about this one before, but Christoph from posted about his list, so I decided to give it a spin as well. Check out my list, containing one item at the moment, and then try it out yourself.