I’ve recently been the happy recipient of an invite for Newsvine, (thanks, Chris J!) a still closed beta venture, which is something I’ll simply have to start a new sentence for to describe. Here it is:
Newsvine is not just another website aggregating news and commentary from all over the web (like Digg or Slashdot), it is a huge community driven read, create and seed news resource. I created my account only yesterday, but I’m already drawn into the functionality the whole thing has to offer. At first glance it even looks like too much functionality, but, as always, once you start diving into all the stuff you can do with it, you feel like you’ve never seen anything smoother than this before. Trust me.

There’s already an in-depth review of Newsvine out there, so if you want to know in detail what the hell I’m rambling about, please go here.

What’s left for me is to tell you that everyone who signs up gets their own subdomain (mine is, you guessed it Now, that’s not only really helpful when looking for people’s contributions, but it’s also got another upside to it: Once Newsvine is out of beta, 90% of the revenue that comes from ads placed in your subdomain will go to you. That’s right. Not only does Newsvine provide an insanely cool framework around ones babbling, they also pay you for it. How’s that for revolutionary ideas?

When I signed up I got a few invites to hand out. If you’re interested in creating news, leave a comment plus name, so I can forward you one.