Medieval Schmedieval

My paper on code-switching is slowly but surely taking on some form, and tomorrow I’ll have to present it in class. Which is not a bad thing per se. But a bad thing considering that it’s quite an exhaustive topic, and my professor is what you would call one of the big players in that field (of about five people world-wide). So, I’m actually in no position to update my petty weblog, but I’m doing it still. There are a few things I’d like to mention:

  • I changed my favicon. That’s the tiny 16×16 icon you see when bookmarking my site, and when using the right browser, displayed on the tab the site’s been loaded in. It was old and didn’t conform to the new layout of my site, so here you go (I need to learn how to end sentences and paragraph…that one ending above is a mess).
  • My webhosting provider seems to have some issues regarding connectivity. Fortunately, my site hasn’t been offline for quite a while, but most often than not, it takes ages to load, which, as you probably know, drives everyone mad (and away). So now that I’ve told you, there’s not more I can do about it.

So, these were the “few things”. I should start using a thesaurus.