Lake dwellings and scorching heat

Two days ago my girlfriend and I went on a little trip around Lake Constance, which incidentally is perfect for little trips. It’s littered with all kinds of touristy attractions, and there are heaps of picturesque little towns inviting you to have a drink and enjoy its displays of centuries of history. Unfortunately, the sun was unrelenting, and most of the time we were ready to forget about the centuries of history and simply indulge in minutes of jumping into the lake. Being the diligent trip-goers that we are, we didn’t.
Our ultimate goal were the prehistoric lake dwellings, which everyone who went to school or who lives near Lake Constance has seen sometime during childhood. I think the last time I saw them was when I was about six years old, so I thought another visit might be nice.

For those of you not familiar with this kind of attraction, the lake dwellings in Unteruhldingen (Germany) are replicas of prehistoric lake dwellings which are believed to have been there some 5-3 thousand years ago. Inside, the replicas are complete with tools, beds, ornaments and whatnot. It’s jolly interesting and probably enjoyed best during temperatures below 37° Celsius.

All right, enough talk. Here are some pictures. Click on the back of my head (or anywhere else on the picture) to get to the gallery.

Pointing towards the dwellings