Klaxons in Vienna - and I'm ticketless

So hot newcomers Klaxons will visit Vienna on the 19th. I had planned on seeing that show for a while now, and today I wanted to buy two tickets, only to find that they are all sold-out. SOLD OUT!
I mean, two weeks ago when I went to see the Cooper Temple Clause, a band that’s been around for about five times as long as the Klaxons, I bought my ticket right before the show started!

This is frustrating, and I don’t plan on letting this slip. There will have to be consequences!

Oh, and if you happen to have a couple of tickets left, drop me a note. In addition to the normal price I would reimburse you with gratitude and truckloads of money. Tonka Trucks that is. And coins only. The red ones.

PS: Three exclamation marks in such a short post? Tut-tut!

PPS: For want of active readership I need to do things like that one above.

PPPS: That’s far too meta for you, right?