The introduction of the Snapshot

I've been thinking about how to use this place more, even for the more mundane writings. Stuff I'd usually post to Twitter: no title, no hashtags, nothing but a few sentences or a mere thought.

I've recently also been inspired by a few things I'm still trying to put down in a more comprehensive post, but for now I'll link to this excellent piece by UX designer Matthias Ott, outlining why and how we should start using our own spaces to collect even the little things. From the piece:

Also, don’t hesitate to write about little ideas and observations that might seem too small or unimportant to share. We all have our unique perspectives and even the smallest experience is worth sharing.

So, in that vein, I'm introducing something I'll call the Snapshot: it'll be a short, maybe Twitter-length, maybe a bit longer post, which can be identified by its pithy title: Snapshot. Not sure yet how Ghost will be handling the same title for a number of posts, so they might be enumerated. I'm not sure yet and in the spirit of simply trying out things, I can't be arsed to actually test it before I'm sending this post out into the ether.

I'll still be posting links to the Snapshots on Twitter (using my own short-URL via a self-hosted Polr install), but with the actual content living on this page, I hope the conversations will take place here as well. To that end I've installed and integrated the open-source commenting system Commento, which you can use to comment both after registering or anonymously. Whatever floats your boat.

(Photo not related, even though you might be able to construe it as being a snapshot of food)