In which I write about autumn and a crumbling tower

At the beginning of July, my most favourite anti-aircraft tower here in Vienna started to crumble. Many a people started to panic, not least because getting hit by bits and pieces of debris while sitting next to the tower in the Augarten park is a rather unpleasant experience.

Since then, they’ve been trying to patch it up, fencing off large parts of the park in the process. I went there today to see whether they’re doing a good job or not. Unfortunately, the intricacies of the building trade are completely foreign to me, so I couldn’t tell whether they are recreating it in all its glory or are about the tear it down.

I took a few photos of the tower, mixing in a few prototypical autumn shots in the process. Click here to look at the gallery of crumbling tower and autumn shots I saved to Flickr.