In which I return to my newfound love of coming up with descriptive titles, totally breaking the layout of my site, and write about the outcome of yes

So, here we are. The hegemony of the People’s Party is finally over. Yesterday more people voted for the social democrats than for Chancellor Schüssel and his unrelenting neo-liberal stooges. Which is a good thing.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a good thing without a bad thing. Ever. The Green party, which is basically the only sound party in this country, still only came in fourth after the deranged right-wingers of the Freedom party. More bad things even: the equally deranged and xenophobic, dysfunctional BZÖ has raked in enough votes to probably get into our parliament.

Why anyone would still vote for them is beyond me. Well, it’s not beyond me really. Knowing how much they manipulate by spreading fear and promising things like shooting every single foreigner who as much as farts in the presence of a genuine Austrian into outer space, probably turns some people’s brains into mush. And sends them voting.