Hoisin chicken

It’s quick and delicious.

Cut up three to four scallions and a few chicken breasts. Throw the white part of the scallions into a wok or a similar kind of pan, with a bit of oil. Heat them up on medium until they look ready (that’s usually when they look slightly translucent).

Meanwhile throw your cut up chicken breasts into a bowl with copious amounts of corn starch and mix it up until they’re well covered. That’ll make sure your chicken bits get a good crunch but keep their juice. You’ll want that! Throw em into your pan or wok (with a bit more of that oil). Let them brown for a while, the starch will make sure you can really add some heat without loosing the moistness.

When you feel your chicken bits are brown enough (the scallions will by now be pretty dark, but have added quite some flavour to your chicken already), add soy sauce and hoisin sauce to taste. Stir it up and let it all simmer some more.

Throw some noodles into boiling water and while your noodles are cooking, add the the green parts (commonly also called “leaves”) of your scallions into the mix. Stir it all up at medium heat. Once the noodles are done, throw them in too, add a bit of sesame oil and a few more squirts of the hoisin sauce. AND THAT’S IT!