From Lost to Fringe to Alcatraz

J.J. Abrams will always be in my good book. For one, he created Lost, which is by far one of the best shows ever conceived. And he created Fringe, which against all odds, is actually quite a solid show.
Now he’s back with something new, which, according to Fox, will go somewhere along these lines:

The show [“Alcatraz”], naturally set in and around San Francisco, follows a team of investigators who work on solving crimes committed — and here comes the classic J.J. Abrams twist — by inmates who had mysteriously vanished from Alcatraz Island’s famous prison some five decades earlier and return to continue their criminal ways.

I am mildly intrigued. Oh, and Sam Neill will be in it (adds some more spice to my mild intrigue). Click through to above article to listen to the man himself talk about the show.