Become Chris Walken's editor

The Power of Few, Christopher Walken’s new film (alright, so Christian Slater will be in it too), will come out sometime this year. In a rather ingenious stunt though, they’ll give you a shot at editing one of the scenes in the film:

In Scene 64, Alexa and Dom (Q’orianka Kilcher and Jesse Bradford) cross paths in a tense moment, and it’s all controlled by YOU. Sign up to join the contest, log into the online editor and find video clips of each shot, take, and angle at your fingertips. The best edit is going into our final cut and you’ll see your name in lights, in the front end screen credits of the finished film.

They provide you with the script, the videos and an online editor. Of course, once you’ve handed in your cut, you’ll have to make sure your friends go ahead and vote for it. It is the social web after all.
I’m not much of an editor, but hell, I might give it a shot anyway.