Crap TV...again

National TV has done it again. After subjecting us the horrors of ‘Verschollen’, the soap-style, low-budget, one-prop show about 20 mentally challenged people stranded on an island, and realizing it’s just that but unable to pull out of a deal with RTL (which probably cost them something between the price of a hamburger and six chicken McNuggets), they’ve done what? They pushed it down the timeline, so now it’s between the two watchable shows ‘Monk’ and ‘CSI Miami’. Is this sensible? I mean, by now everyone must have realized that the show is the worst mistake in recent TV history, so why not just admit it and push it even farther down, somewhere before or after the rerun of ‘Sabrina – The Teenage Witch’.

Well…that’s not all.

A second show so silly I won’t even summarize it here has been pushed down the gullet of the unsuspecting viewer, and again, after realizing it’s total and utter crap, they moved it from prime-time to a slot just before ‘CSI’ (just CSI, no Miami and no New York and definitely not Honolulu). So, ‘CSI’, a show which has actors and actresses doing a reasonable job, interesting scripts and an editor who actually knows what a keyboard looks like is now shown somewhere around midnight. Is this sensible programming? Is this how you should run a publicly funded TV-station when the threat of about a thousand private TV-stations is looming above your head? Well, I don’t think they care, because as long as the right party is represented in the governing board, there will be enough money to throw away…oblivious to the thousands of people turning off.