Cell phone socks

I noticed someone coming to my site via google with the phrase “cell phone socks”. Now, that person was probably quite disappointed that none of my postings are dealing with the topic of “cell phone socks”. I’ve decided to change this. Now, how can you change this, some people may ask. I’ll tell you how. Since my girlfriend and I both got a new cell-phone, which I don’t tire to mention is a really stylish little thing, we saw the need to encase that cell-phone into something, so it wouldn’t scratch and become less stylish. And since my girlfriend is something like a knitagician (read: knitting magician), she whipped up two wonderful little cell-phone socks. And here they are:

tow mobile-socks

The left one with the insanely cool colour combination of grey and blue is mine, and the right one with a colour-combination not less insanely cool is my girlfriend’s. For orders, please contact me via email. I’m sure we can figure out a price, as long as it isn’t below a six-figure number.