Café Raimund

So today my mother was in town. What sounds like the beginning of a particularly creepy combination of film noir and Psycho-related fare, is actually just an ordinary introduction to explain why I went to Café Raimund in the outer fringes of Vienna’s posh 1st district. It’s right opposite the Volkstheater, which the cultur vultures among you might know.

Even though I’ve already spent a considerable part of my precious life in Vienna, it was the first time I went there today. After tonight, I don’t know why, because Café Raimund is a most charming part of Viennese culture. With a wide and spacious non-smoker’s section and a small but cozy smoker’s section it’s the ideal melting pot for all sorts of individuals.

“Say, Richard, what about their menu? Does it comprise of typical Austrian fare but also Italian cuisine, complete with sort of shoddy English translations?”, you might ask. “Why yes, it does!”, I’d answer, mildly surprised by your sense of clairvoyance.

True to myself I had a pork schnitzel, with molten cheese on top, in gravy. With potatoes. It was most delicious. Despite the fact that we were sitting in said cozy smoker’s section, and people all around us were enjoying their tobacco products. Because you know what? I don’t care. I like my food any which way, and some smoke has never turned me off of good food. And if it turns you off, don’t sit in the smoker’s section. Just saying.

Anyway, go there, populate that place, because in addition to being Viennese to the core, the waiters and waitresses are most courteous and deserve big tips and a good life.